I was right in killing my daughter for ‘honour’: Bibi Jaan

Victim of honour killing - Sakshi Post

The investigations of the hounour killing case in Vijayawada revealed, that the mother Bibi Jaan showed no remorse and justified she murdering her daughter Sajma. During interrogation Bibi said that the she was right in murdering Sajma, who was in love with a boy belonging to a different religion. Her husband, Mysoor Jaan also stated that his wife was right in killing their daughter. The couple believed that their daughter’s inter-religion love would tarnish the ‘honour’ of their family.

On the other hand, Sajma’s lover Deepak stated that he was shocked to hear about the death of Sajma. He stated that Bibi never opposed their wedding and it is was suspicious when she said Sajma died of illness. He also added that he and Sajma had never roamed together.

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