I Am An Obsessive Personality: Aamir Khan

I Am An Obsessive Personality: Aamir Khan - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: There is no better time to be reflective than on one's birthday and that's what superstar Aamir Khan, who turned 53 today, did.

The actor said he has several bad habits and being obsessive in nature is one of them.

"One bad habit that I have is I am a very I obsessive personality I think that's a problem," Aamir, who flew from Jodhpur to celebrate his birthday with the family, told reporters here.

"That's not your habit that's your personality," quipped wife Kiran Rao.

Kiran said she would not want to change anything in the actor though she often complains about certain things to him.

"I keep telling him everyday that 'You don't spend time with me', 'You smoke a lot', 'You are always on phone'. But if I actually had to change him, I don't think I would be as happy to see that. I am very happy the way he is." She believes Aamir's good qualities outdo his bad ones.

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"The things that I like the most in him are his sensitivity and intelligence for which I married him. The deep understanding that he has of people, his love for people and his sense of caring and empathy for people, I think those are the qualities that most attracted me to him.

"Also his incredibly sharp mind his ability to understand ideas, I really hope he doesn't change," she said.

Aamir returned the compliment to Kiran, a filmmaker in her own right, calling her a major force in his life.

"Kiran has been someone who has been a major force in my life and I think ever since Kiran has come into my life, I feel there is a change in me. Earlier, I used to very serious. There is a sense of joy and energy in my life," he added.

Kiran said she was sure that the actor, who was in Jodhpur for the shooting of "Thugs of Hindostan", would come home to celebrate his birthday today.

"I had this plan to go there (Jodhpur) and surprise him but yesterday he called me and said I will come so I thought at least I would go till the airport to surprise him," she said.

The actor said his son Azad gave him a handmade birthday card and a dart board. PTI

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