I am an arrow shot from Jagan’s bow: Sharmila

I am an arrow shot from Jagan’s bow: Sharmila - Sakshi Post

She embarked on a mission, which no woman dared to take it up. It was a crusade to fulfil the dreams of her brother Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and continue the legacy of her father Late YSR. She said when she commenced her “Maro Praja prasthanam” that she was an arrow shot by her brother Jagan on October 18, 2012 at Idupulapaya, the tomb of her father in YSR Kadapa district. She crossed 2,000-KM mark in her marathon foot march on Thursday at Ravikampadu in Chintalapudi assembly constituency in West Godavari district. Her padayatra touched 10 districts. She unveiled the statue of her father in the village as a memory of her glorious walkathon of 2000-KM. She spoke to Sakshi correspondent K Sudhakar Reddy on the eve of her achievement. Excerpts: 

Have you ever imagined that you will do this courageous task?

Sharmila: Never! I never thought of this situation where my brother Jagan will be foisted in cases with conspiracy and jailed.

How do you feel about the achievement you made by trekking 2000-km mark?

Sharmila: At the outset, I would like to clarify I am not doing padayatra for the sake of records. My intention was to tell the people the truth and how my brother was subjected to injustice.

How is the response you receive from people?

Sharmila: Unbelievable! Children, youth and older people especially the women are coming to me and showing immense affection. They recall my father and ask about Jagan and enquire about his arrival from jail every time and everywhere.   

Is the padayatra fulfilling your aim?

Sharmila: Certainly! People are listening keenly when I am telling about the facts. They wish to share our problems. When it comes to my aim, it has been decided to take up yatra from Idupulapaya to Ichapuram. It will be continued till the end.   

What inspired you to take up the gigantic task?

Sharmila: My aim is only one, to see my brother Jagan out of jail. I recall how Jagan was sent to jail clandestinely pulled from amongst the midst of people. I have no other aim except to achieve the goal of bringing him out. I had witnessed personally my father’s padayatra in 2003 daring the hot sun. So, I knew what problems would arise and I never felt it was a small task. People's love is driving away any problems. My father, who is above in heaven will be happy, that's enough for this life.

In West Bengal, Mamata Benerjee completed 250-km padayatra on people’s issue. It was a record of sorts by a woman. Now you have taken up a major task. What is the reason?

Sharmila: I already told you. Because of my brother Jagan I owned up responsibility of my brother, who proposed to meet the people across the state. He designed the route map and he directed me to be with people and follow the footprints of our father YSR.

You are saying everywhere you go that the Congress and the TDP colluded. But Chandrababu Naidu was demanding for removal of tainted ministers and vowed to fight for it. How will you justify it?

Sharmila: With smile. Why fighting? Why he was silent when an opportunity comes to him to dethrone the govt? The day when all the opposition parties in unison proposed no confidence motion, where was he? The govt would have been collapsed if he supported the trust move. Why all these fighting and dramas.

You embarked on a prolonged padayatra and addressed lakhs of people in many public meetings. Do you have any incident where you moved a lot?

Sharmila: Not one. There are plenty of such incidents and happenings. I too swept when an old woman told me that she stood before me because of my father’s assistance. I move a lot when a youth told me that he had completed his IIIT degree because of my father YSR. Similarly, when a woman brought her husband to me and said he has been survived because of a surgery under Arogyasree scheme, I broke down and unable to stop the tears from my eyes.

Some political parties especially TDP are making personal allegations against you. Anyhow, you countered their charges time and again. How will you see these allegations?

Sharmila:  People are well aware about the allegations. When Jagan was on his yatra, the parties conspired and put him behind the bars with jealous of his popularity. What they will do now? Scores of people are coming to me with affection and vouch support voluntarily. They can’t do except making wild allegations. No need to worry till I have the blessings of the people.

Congress leaders have been claiming that schemes introduced by YSR should be treated as Congress Govt’s schemes not YSR. Now you are closely moving with people and interacting with them. How will you see their comments?    

Sharmila: If the welfare schemes are not YSR’s brainchild, why they have not been implemented in other Congress-ruled states? It’s so simple to say that they are the brainchild of late YSR. People are complaining to me that the schemes by YSR were thrown to the winds. The Congress government had diluted all most all the schemes one after the other. People never tell lies. Situation of fee reimbursement is worse now. Youth in thousands is approaching me with tears that they discontinued their studies due to lack of reimbursement. Old age pensions too totally ignored. It’s heinous on the part of the govt to stop pensions to the old. It had totally forgotten about 30kg- rice. They reduced number of 108 ambulances. “Abhayahastham” and rural employment scheme are utter failures. The ministers themselves are admitting that YSR scheme was altered and re-introduced in the name of “Bangaru Talli”.

The CBI as alleged by you was acting in connivance with Congress while dealing Jagan’s case. How far it’s true?

Sharmila: It’s sure. CBI is following the orders of Congress government tooth and nail. It proved beyond doubt in Coalgate issue. We are saying it from the beginning. Jagan’s case investigation was full of conspiracy. All the CBI special teams were pressed into service on war-footing during the Jagan case investigation. When the same thing happened to Chandrababu Naidu, no one moved from the seat in CBI office even the High Court ordered for a probe into his misdeeds. We can find difference in CBI actions. There are thousands of instances to prove conspiracies against Jagan. Our courage is only that there is a God.

What is your message to the people and supporters who wish to see Jagan out of jail? 

Sharmila: Jagan will come out soon. Do you believe God is there? If God is there, Jagan will come out soon. Be positive and stay with confidence!

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