COVID-19: 15 Test Positive, One Dies After Attending Engagement Ceremony In Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Fifteen members from the same family were infected with COVID-19, and one died, after attending an engagement ceremony in Hyderabad held last month on April 11.

Violating all lockdown norms, a family, residing in Jhingur Basti in Dhoolpet area of Hyderabad performed the engagement ceremony of a family member on April 11, at a grand scale by inviting more than 300 people. The father of the bridegroom first tested positive for coronavirus and died on Saturday, May 16 after attending the ceremony.

Meanwhile, 15 people from the groom's family who attended the party began to suffer with symptoms of the virus. After undergoing tests, they also tested positive for COVID-19.

Officials are now in the process of gathering details of those 300 people who attended the ceremony to trace them. Police filed a case against the family for violating the lockdown norms and holding a ceremony with so many people.

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