Hyderabad Muslims In Support Of “Say No To Eid Shopping”

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Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the biggest festivals for Muslims and they celebrate this festival with much joy and exuberance. Muslims buy new clothes for Ramadan every year but during this COVID-19 dark times, a campaign, “I am not buying clothes for Eid. Will you?” launched in Hyderabad in solidarity with the poor.

This campaign is gaining momentum on social media and people are vowing against purchasing clothes for Ramadan. People are passing messages that they want to donate money to those who are suffering due to COVID-19 and ongoing nationwide lockdown.

Endorsing the campaign, Nizam's descendant Nawab Najaf Ali Khan said that Ramadan month has started and Eid-ul-Fitr is approaching. So, let us say no to excessive and unnecessary shopping for Eid and let us help the needy people. He further added that, “Many people are starving and dying; The money we spend on our extravagance can be used to help a family survive and live without this fearful uncertainty.”

During Ramadan, Muslims practice Zakat and Fitra charity systems. Zakat is giving 2.5 percent of the money saved in a year to the needy and poor whereas Fitra is to give 2.5 kgs of staple food to the poor.

The #SayNoToEidShopping is going viral on social media and people are sharing their messages on Twitter. Here are the few tweets.

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