Hyderabad Zoo To Welcome New Animals

Swamp Deer and Lion-Tailed Macaque - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: We all are quite aware that Nehru Zoological Park is providing a natural home for a number of species ranging for smallest birds to huge wild animals. And the zoo here is all set to welcome a few more new species of animals by the end of February.

According to reports, as a part of the animals exchange programme with Chennai's Vandalur Zoo, the Nehru Zoological Park here will soon welcome few new inmates. The new animals include a pair of swamp deer and one female lion-tailed macaque.

The Hyderabad zoo will be receiving these new animals as part of an exchange for a one-horned rhinoceros that was sent to Vandular zoo in August last year.

Apart from deer and macaque, the Hyderabad zoo is also planning the exchange of four grey Kangaroos and one pair of meerkats with one pair of Asiatic lions in an exchange programme with Yokohama Zoological Garden in Japan, reports read.

Speaking about the exchange programme of animals, a zoo official said in a statement that the zoo will have all these new animals for the first time.

The Nehru Zoological Park, which is spread across 380 acres, houses 173 species and nearly1,800 specimens.

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