Corona Tests In Gandhi Hospital From Today: Etela

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HYDERABAD: As news of Coronavirus, and the virus itself, is rapidly spreading around the world, countries are taking steps to combat it effectively. The Telangana government health officials had started conducting diagnostic tests for confirmation of coronavirus, in Gandhi Hospital, from Monday, February 03.

After inspecting the virology lab and isolation ward at Gandhi Medical College on Monday, Health Minister Etela Rajender, said that the result of the test would come within hours after testing. After that, Etela inaugurated the library building at Gandhi Medical College. Speaking on the occasion, he said that two Telugu states people can undergo these tests at Gandhi hospital.

Etela said that the central government has sent kits required for diagnostic tests and the state government has equipped the required manpower in the labs. At present there is sufficient equipment and manpower to conduct diagnostic tests for 30 samples of patients per day and each test results will be taken at least 10 hours for its result, after being tested.

The minister said, "Telangana state so far has not registered a single coronavirus case. Doctors would be available 24 hours a day in the hospital.” He said that a new technology has been launched in the dermatology department at Gandhi hospital and pet scan has been introduced in the cancer hospital. Health Minister concluded saying that Coronavirus Incubation Period 14 Days and the observation center will screen the persons who arrived from China for 14-day observation.

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