Biscuits And Bananas For Class 10 Students In Hyderabad Govt Schools

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HYDERABAD: Class 10 students who are preparing for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination here will be served biscuits and bananas instead of tamarind rice and sprouts from 2 January 2020.

According to district education department officials, biscuits and bananas will be served along with mid-day meals as the students have to be in schools from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Speaking to a daily, B Venkata Narsamma, district education officer said that they are also planning to provide along with biscuits and bananas, chikkis, if more funds are allocated. She also added that the money for providing snacks will come from the collectors fund and donors.

“If any donor approaches a school and wants to fund snacks for children, we will allow it as students will get more food," she said to the daily adding that they have been providing snacks for class 10 students for past two years.

Officials also added that as many of the govt schools in Hyderabad don't have kitchen facility it is becoming a great difficulty to cook these items and serve students on time. That is is also one reason to replace sprouts and tamarind rice with biscuits and bananas.

The said items will be reaching the schools in the morning so that teachers can choose a time and distribute it to students as per convenience, reports read.
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