Hyderabad Woman Files Complaint Against Traffic Cop for Making Indecent Gestures

Traffic Policeman Making Inappropriate Gestures - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A woman motorist filed a complaint against a traffic policeman with the Cyberberad police accusing him of making obscene and inappropriate gestures at her following an argument over challan in Madhapur here.

According to reports, the incident took place a couple of days ago when the woman motorist was stopped by traffic police at Parvat Nagar junction of Madhapur area. She was issued challan since her vehicle's number plate was partially broken.

The woman got into a heated argument with the traffic cops after she found that the policemen on duty were ignoring several other motorists who were riding their vehicle without a helmet, reports read. When the cops started recording the incident, the woman also started taking photographs of the cops.

While she was doing so, a traffic home guard police Praveen gestured at the camera inappropriately where his face was seen with his tongue folded.

According to reports, the woman took objection to this and sent a message to the Cyberabad police on their social media account and complained about the incident. Police said that before taking any action against the traffic cop Praveen they would first verify all the events.

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