Hyderabadi Woman Fined Rs 17,000 For Cutting A Tree  

Representation image - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD : A woman was fined Rs 17,000 by the Forest Department officers for cutting a tree at SR Nagar on Thursday, November 21.

According to the reports, Nagamanni who runs a girl hostel in the Shiv Bagh colony  at SR Nagar in Hyderabad have been fined Rs 17,000  under WALTA Act for cutting a peltophorum flowering plant.

District Forrest Official (DFO) Hyderabad, P Venkateshwarlu, spoke about the incident. He said that there are certain considerations while imposing the fine to the offender. If the offender is uneducated or unaware of the law, then there is some consideration is given for them, he said. If he intentionally cuts a tree and tries to influence others with their act they will be strictly punished by the law.

Venkateshwarlu further said that the people must be aware of the stringent norms set by the government for the offenders who cut the cutting trees.

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