GHMC Launches ‘Bandicoot’, Changing Manhole To Robohole!

GHMC Launches ‘Bandicoot’ - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: We are quite aware that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is coming up with best initiatives for the development of the city. In a pursuit of stopping manual scavengers, the GHMC adopted a novel method for cleansing the city perfectly. As a part of it, the GHMC introduced a robotic scavenger and named it as "Bandicoot". The officials have initiated this first in IT Corridor and decided to go to other parts at a later stage.

What is Bandicoot?

Bandicoot is a robotic manhole desilting machine which is a complete robotic solution that would eliminate manual scavenging. Bandicoot is a key product to the world of innovation which can perform the work of five human beings within few minutes.

Earlier the sewer cleaning was hand excavation by labourers which was not only dirty and unpleasant but also dangerous. For these reasons GHMC came up with the initiative of launching the robotic manhole, Bandicoot which is patented to Genrobotic Innovations.

"A company as part of CSR initiative funded the project for procurement of Bandicoot at an estimated cost of Rs 32 lakh," a GHMC official said to a daily.

According to reports, Bandicoot is equipped with poisonous gas detectors to provide additional safety to the operator from gases like methane and carbon monoxide.

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