Hyderabad, Safest City For Senior Citizens

Hyderabad, Safest City For Senior Citizens - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: When compared to other metropolitan cities in India, Hyderabad is considered as the safest place for senior citizens in terms of safet and security.

According to statistics reports, released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2017, Hyderabad’s percentage share of total crime against senior citizens as only 0.4. Mumbai, on the other hand, topped with 29.9 percentage share, followed by Delhi with 19.7 and Chennai with 13 percentage.

Accoring to reports, their is a significant dip in number of crimes against senior citizens from 2015 to 2017. Only 14 cases were reported in 2017 where 40 were reported in 2016 and 48 in 2015. No major cases like attemp-to-murder case were reported.

According to the survey conducted by Elders Clubs International Foundation revealed that 90 per cent of senior citizens faced problems from their children.

"In spite of getting harassed physically and mentally, the elders were not lodging complaints with the police against their own children fearing that the family’s reputation would be effected", Foundation founder and managing trustee Mandadi Krishna Reddy said to a daily.

“The survey found that 36 per cent of them were unable to watch their favourite channel at their residence,” he added. Elders not only faced physical and mental harassment but also faced heavy financial problems.

"The government enacted the Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens Act in 2007. But, the Act did not come to the elders rescue", he further added.

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