Criminal Case Against Firecracker Sellers In Hyd Who Violate PCB Guidelines

Hyderabad Police Bans Pollution Crackers for Diwali - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: After India's Supreme Court made it clear that harmful metals like antimony, lithium, mercury, arsenic, and lead should not be used in the manufacture of firecrackers to prevent air pollution and the now the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (Peso) has issued similar guidelines. Following that Pollution Control Board have started inspecting the firework shops in Hyderabad and to file criminal cases on the sellers who violate the rules.

Hyderabad Police Bans Pollution Crackers for Diwali

PCB inspections have been initiated to crack down on crackers that contain heavy metals in the city. It warned that if such crackers were caught, criminal cases would be filed against the sellers. Environmental experts and Hyderabad people feel that heavy metals are being used only in crackers imported mainly from other countries, like China.

Medical professionals warned people over the side effects of using crackers with heavy metals on human health. Smoke emitted from these crackers can cause lung disease and has a long term impact on breathing conditions, and even has impact on eyes.

Along with PCB officials, police have said that criminal cases will be filed against traders who are selling such crackers and causing environmental damage and suggested people to come forward and celebrate eco-friendly Diwali with by encouraging made in India crackers.

Hyderabad Police Bans Pollution Crackers for Diwali

The pollutant level in the city's atmosphere is doubled on Diwali, compared to normal days, according to PCB's observation. Microbial contamination is up 34% on a normal day and on Diwali day it goes very high up to 61 %.  According to the Supreme Court and Central Pollution Control Board guidelines, the report will be scientifically computed for noise and air pollution in the city for 15 days before and after Diwali.

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