Veg Prices Shoots Up : Monsoon, Strike Effect 

Veg Prices Shoots Up Due To Monsoon, Strike Effect - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Vegetable prices in Hyderabad and Telangana have been seeing a drastic increase due to heavy rains and the 12-days-long TSRTC strike across the state.

According to reports, prices have shot up at popular vegetable markets in the city like Bownpally, Guldimalkapur and Rythu bazaar. Extended rains and bus strikes have put a great loss to the vendors It has also resulted in shortage of supply of vegetables as most of the vendors get them from nearby villages and they couldn't commute freely due to the strike.

“Due to rains, most of the vegetables that reach us have already gotten rotten. The last lot that we received with over 10 kg of tomotoes was ruined by the time it got here due to the rain," said Sushma N, a vendor at Gudimalkapur vegetbale market said to a daily. “We have to increase prices for a reason. Demand is still the same, but there is not enough in supply," she added.

"Two weeks ago I sold tomatoes for Rs 8 or Rs 10 and today I am selling the same tomatoes for Rs 60. Heavy rains have damaged the cropped fields. Instead of ten lories, only two are approaching the markets. We are purchasing it for Rs 50 from the wholesaler, and selling them for Rs 60 to the retailer. Same goes with the prices of onions too. We sold it for Rs15 a few days ago and now we are selling it for Rs 60," Lingam, a local vegetable vendor said to the daily.

He also said that he is forced to sell vegetable at almost six times the original price due to the recent rains which have hit the supplies severely.

Lingam further added that poor farmers who sell vegetables in small quantity are unable to reach the city due to the TSRTC strike.

"Today the tomato price is Rs 40 to Rs 60 depending upon the quality and I don't doubt about the prices rising up to Rs100 if this is the situation right now. How will the pensioners and old people buy such expensive vegetables? The prices are rising by the day." Speaking about this serious issue, a local Senior Citizen Sarvesh, said to the daily.

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