Punjagutta’s History Brought Up On Twitter

Punjagutta’s History Brought Up On Twitter - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Sometimes there may be a lot of history and hidden facts behind the places you often visit, or it could also be a road most traveled, but you still remain unknown to most. To dig out such history out of one of the most busiest and popular areas is quite the task.

Design professional Jasmine Singh took to twitter and triggered a conversation talking about Punjagutta. She tweeted two pictures of rock formation in Punjagutta. She said that she clicked the pictures from behind the top floor of the Next Galleria Mall. This place is believed to have derived from those rocks.

Posting the pictures she wrote, "Punjagutta named after these five rocks, alas these lie in distress. Encroached all around, don't know when it may disappear".

Take a look at her Twitter post:

To the tweet which Singh had posted, social activist Sanghamitra Malik added some more useful information, which she attributed to travel blogger Anuradha Goyal.

Goyal described the history behind the name Punjagutta in her 2011 post as: “History heritage of Panjagutta Pahad is as old as Hyderabad itself and dates back to Quli Qutub Shahi period. The top of the hill has a Palm or Panja and a Knee or Ghutna impression on the rock. That is believed to be of Hazrat Ali the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed. This is what gave the place its original name Panjaghutna which must have distorted over a period of time to what we call it today Panjagutta.”

Goyal also added that we also get an amazing 360 degrees view of the city from this rock.

“You can see all the hills that dot the city. The skyscrapers, Birla temple, Hussain Sagar, Old airport and a whole lot of other buildings while the wind blows through your hair. It gives a panoramic view of the Gunrock hill, Ammuguda hill and Maula-Ali hill from here,” she noted.

It is obviously quite amazing and surprising that not many people know the facts about this hidden gem beside the most travelled road in the city.

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