No Entry For Non Hindus To Garba In Hyderabad

No Entry For Non Hindus To Garba In Hyderabad: Bajrang Dal - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The Bajrang Dal on Saturday urged people who planned to organise garba and dandiya events here, to check Aadhar cards, to bar the entry of participants belonging to non hindu communities. They also asked event organisers to avoid employing Non-Hindus as bouncers and volunteers.

Bajrang Dal is a religious organisation that is based on Hindu nationalism. The organisation is the youth wing of the Vishva Hindu Parishad. According to reports, Bajrang Dal wrote an open letter to all organisers across the city stating that during the past couple of years 'non-hindu youths' were participating in the events and misbehaving with women.

According to reports, the letter read, teams of Bajrang Dal members will also be present at the venues to take ” immediate action” if “miscreants” try to enter the events. The letter did not clearly mention who the miscreants were but indirectly hinted that the organisers should not allow Muslims to participate in the events.

“Also, the event managers are hiring non-Hindu bouncers which seem to be the main cause for these miscreants to enter the events,” Bajrang Dal’s media convenor S. Kailash said to a daily.

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