Heavy Rains Brings Out The Worst In Hyderabad Traffic 

Heavy Rains In Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Heavy rains pounded several parts of the city once again on Monday, September 30.

According to reports, Heavy rains hit many parts of the city like Narayanguda, Himayatnagar, and Khairatabad. Koti, Abids, Nampally and Afzal Gunj are still experiencing extremely heavy rains. Roads have become waterlogged at several localities in the city, which has led to huge traffic jams at many busy areas.

The rains have also made crator like ditches in the middle of many main roads that have been slowing down moving traffic creating a bottleneck kind of a situation. This is leading to massive pileups at many of the main roads and highways in the city. The state High way from Secunderabad to Lal-bazaar has been battered by the rains. Waterlogging makes traffic inch forward, and what’s worse is that these waterlogged areas could also have ditches or rubble underneath, making it a huge threat to on goers.

The Military Gurudwara close to Lal Bazaar has a massive sinkhole type ditch there that is not only scary to look at but a challenge to wade through.

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