Chigurupati Jayaram A Victim of Honey-Trap: Cops File 23-Page Charge Sheet

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Hyderabad: The Banjara Hills West Zone police have filed 23 -pages charge sheet in the sensational murder case of NRI Industrialist Chigurupati Jayaram. Police have named 12 members as the accused, including Rakesh Reddy as the prime accused (A1) and Vishal as A2 in the charge sheet filed .

They have also named three police officials ACP Ibrahimpatnam S Malla Reddy, Circle Inspectors Srinivasulu and Rambabu in the accused list and said that as per their advice Rakesh Reddy shifted the body of Jayaram to Nandigama , near Vijayawada and tried to make it look like an accident.

A total of 73 people were interrogated as witnesses in the case and named Jayaram's niece Shikha Chowdary who was earlier one of the suspects in the case was the 11th witness.She was later given a clean chit by the police after a thorough investigation.

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Police say that Rakesh Reddy had a kept track of Jayaram's movements and when he reached Hyderabad laid a honey trap to bring him to his house. Rakesh entrapped Jayaram with the help of a mimicry artiste and a small time Telugu actor name Surya, who siad that there was a woman waiting for him in his flat at Banjara Hills.Jayaram fell for the bait and after reaching the house was kept in captivity, tortured and threatened for an amount of Rs 4.5 crore.

A local TDP leader named BN Reddy was also mentioned in the charge sheet , in whose presence Rakesh made Jayaram sign 100 Rupees Bond papers. He was tortured to get money from others and when Jayaram managed to get RS 6 lakh only from others, it is alleged that the accused hit Jayaram in desperation, which lead to him succumbing to his injuries.

To cover up the murder, he took the body by car to Nandigama highway near Vijayawada on January 31, based on the advice of his police friends, and tried make the death look like an accident, which however failed.

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