Cantontment: Traffic police conducting drunk and drive tests at Tadbund seized the bike of Nagabhushan Reddy (32) around midnight of New Year's Eve. Reddy, who said he was returning from a long day at work, was stopped by the traffic cops who were subjecting New Year's Eve revellers to drunk and drive checks. As the reading was high in his case, the police seized his bike. Nagabhushan Reddy kept insisting that he had not touched a drop of alcohol, but to no avail.

Reddy then went to Gandhi government hospital to get his blood test done for presence of alcohol. He was given a clean chit by the doctors there and on Tuesday, he went to claim his bike from the police station. However, police declined to return the bike to him saying that he had failed the breathalyzer test and the case against him therefore, stands.

It may be recalled that a similar incident took place in August last year under Sultan Bazar P.S. limits. A biker, Syed Zaheerullah Quadri (20) failed the breathalyzer test and the traffic cops promptly seized his bike. He pleaded that he was a teetotaller and offered to subject himself to any medical test. Quadri lodged a complaint with the Law and Order police who took him to Osmania Hospital. It was revealed in tests conducted by the hospital that he had not imbibed any alcohol, to the shock of the traffic police.

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