Hyderabad: The yearly interaction between the city police with the press, was planned in Chowmahalla palace in the old city by Kotwal Anjani Kumar for the first time. The responsibility of the meeting was handed over to East Zone DCP M Ramesh. The meeting was scheduled on Wednesday and on Tuesday officer was present at the palace to observe the progress of arrangements. While he was in the palace a school kid came towards him and congratulated the officer saying “thank you for your services,”

DCP M Ramesh was wondering, why this kid came up with such huge words of praise. The parents, who were accompanying the girl explained to him why she behaved so. Shivani is a native of Bengaluru and is currently in the 5th grade. Since childhood, her parents had taught her that the police should be respected as they worked hard for the society. This led to immense respect for the police in her. Whenever she finds an officer dressed in the uniform, Shivani goes up to them and thanks them for their services. DCP M Ramesh asked her parents if there was anyone from the family, who was a police. They replied no, adding they were professors and teachers, but really respected police officers.

This made the cops happy.

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