Rangam In Bonalu: Telangana People Unhappy

Rangam, part of two days Bonalu Jatara - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Jogini Swarnalatha expressed her anger at the Telangana government and government officials for their anti-people governance. She said, "Don't think I would be happy with your offering of golden bonam. You have just given me what was mine. I am still unhappy because I find lots of devotees, who have come to make their offerings to Goddess Ujjaini Mahankali as part of Bonalu celebrations, unhappy.

Jogini Swarnalatha spoke as part of Rangam programme in the two-day Bonalu Jatara. It is believed that during Rangam, Goddess Mahankali will speak to people through Swarnalatha. The Goddess during Rangam said she doesn't need a golden bonam, but was looking for a happy bonam.

She said: "People who have come to make offerings are unhappy, it was only you (government) that assume they are happy. It is not true. All my children, especially women folk are sad. Even if you create problems to people, I will take care of them. You are imagining that you are doing good to people, but you are doing harm to them. People are cursing you."

"I will never curse anybody. My duty is to keep people happy and my blessings would be there for everyone. Offerings don't please me. All I want is people's happiness. In the coming days, try to keep the people happy. There is plenty of rainfall in the state in the coming days and there will be good harvest as well," she predicted.

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