Hyderabad: Justice Eswaraiah called for more representation of BC community members in legislative assembly and council.

Speaking at National OBC Federation Round Table meeting held at Exhibition grounds in Nampally here today, he said that only through empowerment of the BC community would it be possible to have more representation of BCs in the assembly. The meeting was attended by Bandaru Dattatreya, Ponnala Lakshmiah, L Ramana and Devendar Goud along with several other BC leaders.

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Justice Eswaraiah crticised the government for allotting 34 per cent reservations in local organisations without any scientific reasoning. Based on the increase in population, reservations can be changed accordingly. He wished for BC member to hold power to achieve which he wanted everyone to vote for BC community members.

Later, Ponnala said that pressure was the key to success in democracy and only by pressurising the rulers can one get their rights. He wished for financial and political growth of the BC community.