Hyderabad doctors perform heart surgery on foetus!

Hyderabad doctors perform heart surgery on foetus! - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Doctors at Care Hospital here have performed heart procedure in an undelivered baby in mother's womb, in what is claimed to be India's first fetal heart procedure.

As per reports, a team of eight doctors led by K. Nageshwar Rao, chief pediatric cardiologist, said the procedure was performed in the 27th week of pregnancy. The baby in the womb of 25-year-old Sirisha was diagnosed with severe obstruction in the aortic valve, which was resulting in failure of pumping of left ventricle to the body. It was also showing further damage in the form of leakage of mitral valve and shrinkage of left sided heart chambers.

The two-and-half hour long procedure was carried by a 30-member medical team after importing special needles. The doctor said specific sized balloons were manufactured. The doctors were not successful in their first attempt in 26th week due to unfavourable fetal position. With an appropriate balloon and wire, the aortic valve was dilated to relieve the valve block.

Doctors claimed that the baby has become almost normal. "We have reduced 99 percent blockage to 60 percent which is enough to help normal development of left ventricle," Rao said. Doctors said if another balloon dilatation is required it will be done after birth.

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