Huge Embarrassment For Rahul Gandhi: Anti-Demonetisation Poster Boy Lauds Modi Move

Nand Lal turned out to be a supporter of Modi  - Sakshi Post

He was the poster boy of anti-demonetisation campagn. Iconic picture of his crying while standing in a long queue to exchange banned notes made it to the front pages of the media. Even Rahul Gandhi tweeted his pic to slam Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision.

However, in a virtual embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi, hours after he tweeted his pic, Army veteran Nand Lal has said that demonetisation was actually helpful. He also said demonetisation has benefited. It also turned out that Nand Lal was a Modi supporter.

Here is what Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Thursday morning:

Listen to what Nand Lal told the ANI reporter:

He lauded demonetisation when news agency ANI approached him for a reaction. Nand Lal said demonetisation was a good move. Exactly a year ago on this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes as a measure to fight black money, corruption, fake currency and terror funding. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi had termed demonetisation as a “tragedy” and a “thoughtless act.” He said that due to Narendra Modi's decision, livelihood of millions of people were badly affected.

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