Hudhud leaves Vizag limping

Hudhud leaves Vizag limping - Sakshi Post

It's a deadly blow that could push the city of destiny, Vizag, several paces back. It would take several years for the city to regain its shattered glory.

The very severe cyclonic storm `Hudhud' couldn't have come at a much worse time for Andhra Pradesh in general and Visakhapatnam in particular. The state was trying to re-invent itself post-bifurcation and the city was to part of the 70 cities that would become smart cities. But, `Hudhud' came striking on Sunday as a bolt from the blue, throwing all plans in disarray.
Post-cyclone, the primary focus will now be on rebuilding the basic infrastructure that was left battered in the port city. From the roads to telecommunications network to the seaport and airport, all major infrastructure facilities here suffered massive damage and may take a while for restoration.
The Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, the pride of the city, too requires massive repair and this may hamper its expansion. The Cyclone Warning Centre, the most critical unit here, has to be re-established after `Hudhud' destroyed it. It has to be done in quick time before another storm looms.
Mobilising funds for this gigantic restoration task is the main challenge before the cash-starved Government that is already looking for liberal assistance from various quarters, including the Government of India, for rebuilding the State. Massive investment plans had been lined up for the city, post-bifurcation, with primary focus on development of infotech. About 20 firms from India and abroad have chosen it as their IT hub and planned to invest Rs 1820 crore. Hudhud will certainly slowdown these plans.

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