How did Rajendra Prasad trounce Muralimohan?

How did Rajendra Prasad trounce Muralimohan? - Sakshi Post

It’s typical story of minnows making mincemeat of the Biggies.

Dark horse and renegade Rajendra Prasad managed to pull off a magnificent victory over dyed-in-the-wool politico and movie strongman Muralimohan in the prestigious MAA elections. While Muralimohan pulled all stops to isolate Rajendra Prasad, the latter, backed by the powerful Nagababu group, went on to trounce the realtor-politico-backed Jayasudha. He even managed to wean away some of Rajandra Prasad supporters and made them withdraw from the contest. Rajendra Prasad could not even muster enough support and cobble up a panel. But, how and why Rajendra Prasad win the election?

  • Murali Mohan has been ruling MAA for several years and had alienated himself from the several character actors and junior artistes. Rajendra Prasad cultivated this group and capitalized on their grievances against Murali Mohan.
  • Only a half of the total voters had actually voted. Most of Jayasudha’s supporters are big stars. But, except Balakrishna not many turned up to vote. They were busy with their shooting schedules and despite their support to Jayasudha, did not actually vote.
  • Many artistes are upset over the continued domination of one political party over the film artistes body. There are reports that a major political party of Telangana region had mobilized support for Rajendra Prasad. This helped break the hold of Muralimohan.
  • The majority secured by Rajendra Prasad is staggering. This has showed that small artistes, who turned out in big numbers, have ensured that Murali Mohan’s panel is defeated. Shivaji Raja, who contested for the post of general secretary post too has won handsomely. This is being seen as an assertion of the minnows over the biggies.

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