Horoscope 2018: Aquarius The Year Ahead

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You an Aquarian? Here's how your year's gonna be.


You surprise yourself by being wise about money this year and building a reserve that could last you for a while. Skip that seven-course dinner and put your culinary skills to the test. That pair of rose gold sneakers you invested in last year make walking to work look good. The only thing you should worry about is how to communicate your ideas. (We know you’ve got some of the best ones.) The fact that 11 out of 10 are avant-garde may not go down so well with your coworkers. You do you anyway. Nothing will give you more happiness than bringing all these ideas to life. Everybody will get on board Team Aquarius eventually.

Love and relationships

Things gets real in the love department this year. Think marriage, babies, in-laws, rent, investments, finances. 2018 is the year to solidify your bond, redefine couple goals, and work towards the future together. But don’t let adulting take you away from the most important thing which is the fairy tale romance you wrote together. Cook a fancy shmancy meal together and feed each other. Plan a weekend getaway to your favourite resort. Skip work to spend the day canoodling and grossing your neighbours out.

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