Hints Of Human Sacrifice Found In Nallamala Forest For Hidden Treasures  

A human skull found at the caves - Sakshi Post

Nagarkurnool: Hardly 200km away from Hyderabad on Srisailam highway, signs of human sacrifice for hidden treasures were found near Akka Mahadevi caves near Vadavarlapally village in Nagarkurnool district on Tuesday.

The caves located near Vadarlapally village are within the tiger reserve range and local people do not venture into the area. However, there has been a rumor that huge hidden treasures are located near the caves. Some gangs are reportedly trying to dig out the hidden treasures by offering human sacrifice.

It is learnt that some gangs have taken five women from Karnataka to Akka Mahadevi caves and killed them by chopping off their heads. Shepherds in the area have reported that they saw five human skulls near the caves last Friday.

Besides human bodies, turmeric, lemons, kumkum and other items used for black pujas were also found. Police swung into action on Wednesday and are trying to nab those who are behind the human sacrifice which created panic in the area.

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