YSRCP Manifesto : What does it hold for the public

YSRCP Manifesto : What does it hold for the public - Sakshi Post

If YSRCP voted to power, his "government would approach CAG or the judiciary on important issues prior to their implementation so that no scope is given for allegations to surface in their implementation" 

YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), widely tipped to form the next government, today released its election manifesto in which Jagan prmosed that if the party was voted to power, it would make both the states power surplus by 2019.

Building a capital city "better than Hyderabad" for Seemandhra, Rs 500 dole for school students, loan waiver for women self-help groups and hike in social security pensions were among promises made by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Here are the highlights of the manifesto:

  • The party would bring back the ‘Golden Era’ of his late father
  • Promised Rs.100 subsidy on cooking gas
  • Provision of 150 units of power supply for Rs.100
  • Establishing a new railway zone
  • Duggirajapatnam port project
  • Machilipatnam and VANPIC port projects
  • 800 MW  Krishnapatnam thermal power plant stage-2
  • 800 MW  VTPS  stage-V
  • Polavaram Hydro power plant of 960 MW
  • 1600 MW  Vodarevu Mega power plant stage-I
  • NTPC-BHEL Mannavaram project
  • Petrochemical complex by IOC/HPCL
  • Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial corridor
  • Construction of 50 lakh houses for poor
  • Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region (PCPIR)
  • Two lakh jobs for women in rural areas
  • Rs.2,000 crore calamity relief fund for farmers 
  • waiver of Rs.20,000 crore loans of self-help groups. 
  • Petro university in Visakhapatnam
  • Employment opportunities in petroleum sector
  • Steel plant in YSR Kadapa district
  • Metro rail in Visakhapatnam
  • We will build a capital city that is better than Hyderabad
  • We will make a garden city and create lung space. It will be a model city
  • An eight-lane corridor from Srikakulam to Bangalore and Chennai, food processing, storage and packaging facilities in every district
  • “Aamma Badi’ scheme under which Rs.500 for every school-going child will be credited directly in the mother’s bank account.
  • The YSRCP promised to provide any card like PDS ration card within 24 hours
  • Arogyasree, the free healthcare scheme for poor, would be extended to a super speciality hospital in every district in Seemandhra
  • For those who undergo surgeries under Arogyasree, Rs.3,000 per month will be given till they return to work.
  • A "colleges and mobile vans' service" to reach out to cultivators to guide them on different aspects of farming. 
  • Development of existing airports at Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Vijayawada into international airports
  • Polavaram and other irrigation projects like Uttarandhra, Sujala Sravathi, Handri-Niva, Galeru-Nagari, VeligondaRevamping of drainage systems in Krishna, Godavari and Penna River Basins
  • We propose to write-off all the outstanding bank loans of women SHGs due as on 31-03-2014. We will continue the zero percent interest loans for SHGs
  • We will supply 30 kgs of rice per month per family at one rupee per Kg, thus fulfilling YSR’s promise made in 2009. 
  • We propose to increase the amount of monthly pension paid to old-aged, destitute women etc. from Rs.200/- to Rs. 700/- and similarly, the pension payable the physically challenged will be increased to Rs.1000/- per month.
  • We will provide zero percent interest loans on all crop loans to farmers.  For encouraging farm mechanization, we subsidize farm equipment. 
  • We propose to supply 7 hours of quality power free of cost to agriculture sector during day time
  • We will ensure that the funds allocated under the SCs and STs will not be diverted. Special education institutions and institutions of vocational training will be opened for SCs and STs. 
  • We will establish three agriculture universities and agricultural degree colleges for every two districts and crop specific research institutions integrating them with the mobile agri clinics to ensure that technology is carried to the doorstep of the farmer. 
  • We propose to set up a brackish water aqua culture research institute together with the fisheries college. 
  • We propose to construct an additional 40 lakhs sq.ft. of godowns all over the State to address the problem of lack of storage space for agricultural products. Similarly, we will encourage cold chain and modern warehousing facilities so as to ensure the farmers realize a decent return for their produce. 


GDP during Chandrababu rule was 5.7% only. But, the figure was 9.6 % during the rule of YSR and the figure went down to 6.8 % after YSR died. Even the agricultural growth rate during Chandrababu rule was 3.84 % and the figure went up to 6.14 % during the rule of YSR. But, the figure went down to 2.56% after the great leader died in 2009

Over 65 public sector undertakings were closed down during his time and about 26,000 persons had lost their jobs. The total number of IT employees during the rule of Chandrababu was 81,000 only. But, the figure went up to 2.35 lakhs during the rule of late YSR

Chandrababu has been a habitual liar. He promises moon during elections but forgets people after the polls. He has been promising to waive agriculture loans to a tune of Rs 1.27 lakh cores which is impossible as it is not a state subject. He has been promising to provide one job per family unmindful of the fact that there are 3.5 crore houses in the state.

The TDP chief was responsible in closing down 65 PSUs and selling them away to his close associates at dirt cheap prices which are now private limited companies and making profits. In the process, he has laid off nearly 26,000 employees.

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