Highlights of YS Jagan's speech at Samara Deeksha

Highlights of YS Jagan's speech at Samara Deeksha - Sakshi Post

Sounding a battle bugle against the TDP government's failures in implementing the poll promises such as crop loan waiver and DWCRA loan waiver, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Wednesday launched a two-day Samara Deeksha at Mangalagiri.

Here are the highlights of his address to the huge crowd that gathered to express their solidarity with him:

* The people know who is responsible for their plight and the non-implementation of the poll promises. In one voice, the people are saying it is Chandrababu Naidu. Like he has back-tabbed his father-in-law, he has backstabbed the people of the state.

* Over 1.75 lakh homes in AP are waiting for the promised Rs 2000 of honorarium for the unemployed. It has not yet come.

* During the bifurcation of the state, the TDP, which voted for the bifurcation, had promised special status to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Today, he is unable to raise the issue and we want to ask him why is he continuing in the Union Cabinet when he is unable to take up the issue of special status.

* We are not opposed to the formation of the capital. What we are opposing is the way in which fertile lands of the farmers are being snatched away by the government.

* YS Jagan releases a people's ballot outlining the failures of the Chandrababu  government. As many as 100 failed promises have been listed in the ballot paper. YS Jagan has said that he would distribute these ballot papers among the people and asked them to give their rating of this government. The people have been asked to mark yes or no to these 100 questions.
* This ballot will showcase where Chandrababu Naidu stands in the view of the people. The same ballot would be sent to all media houses so that they would understand how the people are reacting to the one year rule in the state.
* Everyone in the state knows who is responsible for the plight of the state, but one person. NO marks for guessing who that person is. It is Chandrababu Naidu.
* YS Jagan asks senior leader Ambati Rambabu to read out the question and appeals to the people to mark yes or no on the ballot papers given to them.
* Jagan thanks the people who turned up in such huge numbers despite the hot summer to express their solidarity with the Samara Deeksha.

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