Highlights of YS Jagan's presser to Chandrababu on Farmloan waiver

Highlights of YS Jagan's presser to Chandrababu on Farmloan waiver - Sakshi Post

* Jagan takes on Chandrababu and his talk of crop loan waiver.

* What he said today is vastly different from what he had said during the elections. Thursday's Chandrababu's presser is a classic example of how double-tongued he could be.
* Chandrababu, who had successfully helped divide the state into two, had released two different manifestos for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
*  He had promised that all the farm and Dwcra loans would be waived. This was echoed by his 'Gazette' Eenadu. In his letter to the election commission, he said waiving of farm loans was possible and viable. He had told the EC that he knew how to implement farm loan waiver.
* Farm loan waiver was the first assurance he gave in his party pamphlets. The same assurance was given in the adverts released to Eenadu on the day of his swearing-in.

* YS Jagan shows clippings of various election speeches of Chandrababu where he speaks of waiving all farm loans.
* The first SLBC meet after he took over has showed that the farm loans were worth Rs 87,612 crores and DWCRA loans worth Rs 14204 crore.
* Now, Chandrababu has changed tack and is now says he would waive crop loans and not farm loans. He is not even talking of DWCRA loans now.
*  Babu had promised jobs if he came to power. But, once he was in the saddle, jobs were lost. The promised unemployment pension of Rs 2000 did not come.
* While there are one crore crop loan accounts, he now says there are just 22 lakh loan accounts.
* Those who haven't paid their loans believing that Chandrababu would waive off loans, are now forced to shell out one-time interest of 14 per cent .

* Once he came to power, he excluded horticulture from the loan waiver. Then he said loan from only one bank would be waived and that only one member of the family would be benefited. There is no talk of penalty waiver.
* The Government has not specified what is the quantom of loan amount that would be waived.
* As many as 86 farmers have committed suicide after Chandrababu Naidu took over. In Anantapur alone, over 40 farmers have ended lives.
* YSRCP will fight on behalf of the people. We will hold dharnas at all the district collectorates demanding complete waiver of farm and DWCRA loans.

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