High Court orders shelters, helpline for inter-caste couples

High Court orders shelters, helpline for inter-caste couples - Sakshi Post

Chennai: The Madras High Court on Wednesday directed the state government to set up special cells in every district to investigate complaints by inter-caste couples and also start a 24-hour helpline for their assistance. The court also prescribed guidelines for setting up the elaborate apparatus.

The High Court was hearing a case on dishonour killings in Tamil Nadu. The court's guidelines to the government include setting up safe, short-stay homes for such couples and steps to counsel parents who oppose inter-caste marriages.

According to a study by Evidence, an NGO that works against the atrocities on Dalits, there have been 81 dishonour killings in the state, in the past three years. The study supports allegations by activists that the governments have gone soft on the perpetrators for political gains.

In an attack that was captured on camera last month, a Dalit engineering student was hacked to death in a busy street, in Tamil Nadu's Tirupur. His 19-year-old wife, from Thevar caste was also left badly injured.

In a case related to the murder of Vimala Devi, a Thevar caste woman who married, Dileep Kumar, a Dalit, in 2014, the High Court directed the police to take action against five police men for their shoddy investigation.

After Vimala Devi left her home, married Dileep and moved to Kerala, a missing person's case was filed by her parents. Vimala died the same night she was brought back to her parents, who reported it as suicide. Her husband took the help of some activists and got a case registered to investigate her death. The investigation was subsequently transferred to the CBI, based on the High Courts directions.

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