Her majority is only 31 !

Her majority is only 31 ! - Sakshi Post

One lady won with a margin of only 31 votes and thus she became a special lady.

Eeli Varalakshmi defeated Pasala Kanaka Sundara Rao with this small margin from Tadepalligudem assembly constituency in 1983 elections.

Varalakshmi contested on behalf of Congress party while Sundara Rao contested from Telugu Desam Party.

The counting of votes was done at Gudem Town Hall. At the time of counting, Maganti Raveendranath Chowdhury, Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga and other key leaders from Congress party stayed in the town.

Further, Chandrababu Naidu stayed at the guest house of Sugar factory at Tanuku then.

The first news is such that the TDP candidate won. But, the officials immediately declared that the recounting would be done. Final result is such that Varalakshmi won from the constituency with a margin of just 31 votes only.

Varalakshmi got 42,062 votes while Sundara Rao got 42,031 votes in the elections.

- Sakshipost

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