Hello!! CM KCR speaking..

Hello!! CM KCR speaking.. - Sakshi Post

*KCR responds to Sakshi inbox letter

*Calls to Huzurabad resident

*promises on model pond

*rushes officals to venue

Huzurabad: "Hello, this is CM KCR speaking.. Prathap Sai Reddy, how are you?? I read your letter in Sakshi paper about converting model pond in Huzurabad into reservoir.

I allotted 60 crore rupees for the project and works will start soon. I will come to the inauguration ceremony and will meet you  in that function",  When Prathap Sai Reddy , retired teacher in Huzurabad got this call on Sunday morning, he was pleasantly shocked. The CM was responding to his letter to Sakshi daily. KCR took Prathap Sai Reddy's number from Captain Lakshmikanta Rao and spoke to him directly.

After KCR spoke to Prathap Sai Reddy, State finance minister Etala Rajendhar, Ex- Minister Captain Lakshmikanta Rao, Officials from CMO spoke to him about the same. The decade-long demand to convert model pond in Huzurabad to reservoir would not only answer to drinking water problems in the city but also will help farmers in nearby villages. So far no government has taken any steps in regard even after Prathap's constant request.

He even wrote letters to Panchayatraj officials, Tahsildars, ministers and Chief Ministers but in vain. So, he wrote to Sakshi which published his letter in its columns. After seeing the letter, KCR CM immediately responded and called him up. After this Panchayat Raj Chairman Vadduri  Bhramachari, Vice-Chairman Tallapalli Rajitha, counselor Chinta srinivas, TRS leader Tallapalli Ramesh Goud, Leader kolipalaka Srinivas, Akula Sadanandam immediately reached the pond.

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