Helen's deadly dance

Helen's deadly dance - Sakshi Post

Andhra coast, that was slowly limping back to life after a lashing at the hands of Phailin, was ravaged yet again, this time by cyclone Helen.

At last count, Helen had killed 11 people, destroyed crops in 1.69 lakh hectares, and had 20,000 people evacuated to safer lands. After unleashing its fury in form of torrential rainfall and squally winds, Helen has now weakened. Here are some glimpses of its fury.





Many a property was destroyed in the deluge.

Choppy waters and slippery roads 

Continuous rains and stormy winds destroyed 1.69 hectares of crops


Extreme windy conditions greeted the AP coast on November 22

Low lying areas were inundated

Strong winds led to uprooting of trees


Another inundated property

Due to heavy rains and flooding, communication and electricity was deeply affected

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