Downpour Lashes Guntur, Nakrekal Receives 24.1 cms Rainfall

A submerged thoroughfare in Guntur. - Sakshi Post

Guntur: Incessant rains since two days resulted in overflowing rivers, breached bunds and people being washed away at several places in Guntur district.

Initial reports indicated over 10 people being washed away in different parts of the district. They included four people in Kuppagunj canal and one person in Brahmanapalli lake. While rivers, lakes and canals are overflowing with rain water, it is the low lying areas that were worst affected due to the continuous downpour in the district. As rainwater entered the houses in these areas people are seen taking shelter on rooftops. Trains were cancelled on the Anupalem-Reddygudem route as the railway tracks were submerged.

Rain water flooding a two-town police station.

Meanwhile, a car was washed away in Thummala Cheruvu of Peduguralla mandal. Three occupants of the car managed to save themselves by swimming away from it. However, four villagers of Brahmanapalli were not so lucky as reports indicated that they were washed away with one of them being declared dead. Locals managed to fish out the three surviving villagers. In Nakrekal, a woman died after being hit by lightning. Vehicular traffic was affected as a bridge was washed away in Jonnalagadda of Narsaraopeta.

A RTC bus was stranded in flood waters between Epparla and Utukuru villages in Krosuru mandal on Thursday. There are about 50 passengers in the stranded bus and many of them managed to reach the rooftop even as some of them were shouting for help. Since the bus is stuck in the middle of raging flood waters, boat is the only remaining means to reach the stranded passengers. Further details are awaited in this regard.

Vehicular traffic came to a standstill at several places as roads and highways were submerged.

Similar reports of disruption in traffic movement was reported from Macherla and Vinukonda as roads were completely submerged due to the heavy rains. Incidents of tragic loss of life were also reported from AmeenSaheb Palem in Chilkalurupeta mandal where all the members of a family were washed away. A villager who tried to rescue a child of the family was also washed away as bunds in the nearby lift irrigation were breached.

Among the dangerously flowing irrigation projects are Erravagu in Karampudi, Naguleru in Dachepalli and Chandravanka in Macherla resulting in severe interruption to vehicular movement and pose a threat to villages that may be potentially submerged.

Petty traders were some of the worst-hit as rainwater damaged stocks. 
People wading through rainwater as streets resembled rivulets in several towns.

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