Heavy rains fill up reservoirs across state

Heavy rains fill up reservoirs across state - Sakshi Post

Heavy rains have lashed Andhra Pradesh and filled up the reservoirs so much that it’s overflowing now. The gates of the dams have been kept open.

The water level at Nagarjuna sagar, which has an altitude of 50 ft, has already reached till 510.1 ft. Presently, its inflow is 4829 cusec and outflow is 900 cusec.


70 gates of Prakasham barrage are already open. The inflow here is 73,400 cusec and the outflow is 62,840 cusec. Out of this, 62,000 cusecs of water has already been released to the sea and 10,500 cusecs of water has been released into rivers and canals. The water level of Srisailam dam has an altitude of 843.8 feets. Its inflow is 1, 26,276 cusec.


The water level at Bhadrachalam’s Godavari is of 50 fts. 16 gates have been opened up only for the Talper project. Sri Ram sagar, which is 1068 ft deep has 53,000 cusecs of water in it. Water has been flooded into Jurala project as well where the inflow is 37,000 cusecs and outflow is 47000 cusecs.



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