Has Chalo Success Got Into Naga Shourya’s Head?

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Naga Shourya is basking in the success of Chalo which has given him a much-needed break. Rumor is rife that the actor is throwing his weight around after the success of his recent release Chalo. A couple of days back, Naga Shourya even skipped pre-release event of his upcoming flick Kanam which also features Sai Pallavi in the lead role.

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Latest we hear is that Naga Shourya has shelved a project which was set to be directed by Sai Sriram. If reports are to be believed, Naga Shourya was not happy with the script resulting in the project getting rejected.

The latest reports doing the rounds in Filmnagar circles is that Naga Shoruya is trying every trick in the trade to jack up his remuneration after his recent release raked in good moolah at the box office. It's worth mentioning here that it was Naga Shourya's parents who produced the film Chalo and following its success, his mom even gifted Shourya a Porsche car.

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The actor is no doubt riding high on the success of his recent release, but that doesn't mean he hikes his remumenation in a day and age where we see even big stars halving their remuneration to help producers recover their money.

Even the news about Naga Shourya could be hearsay. So don't trust all you read, let's hope these are mere rumours and wait to hear the news from the horse's mouth.

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