Harried weaver sends suicide message to KTR

Harried weaver sends suicide message to KTR - Sakshi Post

The office of Telangana Minister KTR went into a tizzy after a handloom weaver from his constituency Sircilla sent him a voice message on Whatsapp saying that he was committing suicide.

In a heart-rending message, the weaver said amid sobbing that minnows were not able to survive in the textile industry due to the oppressive methods of the biggies. He said he was beaten by one Ajay Bhai, a lender and a textile industry biggie, over non-payment of loan amount. He said he was unable to bear the insult and added that he had twice tried to end his life. He said he was mired in losses which are piling up at Rs 1.20 lakh per month. He then said he was ending his life and hoped that his problems would end at least with his death. The weaver also mentioned the names of Seths and Marwari traders who were harassing him.
Immediately on receiving the voice message, the minister's office became active and directed the local police to counsel the weaver. The message has become the talk of the town as was the quick response from the minister's office.


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