Hari shocks TDP

Hari shocks TDP - Sakshi Post

The TDP, which has been moving heaven and earth to win even those ZPs where it doesn't have numbers, got a shock of life when it's poaching game backfired in Prakasam district.

While the TDP poached YSRCP ZPTC members and became smug and complacent of a surefire victory in the ZP chief election, one of the TDP ZPTC raised a banner of revolt against the official nominee and threw his hat in the ring as an independent opportunity.

Seizing the opportunity, the YSRCP decided to back him, thus thwarting the TDP hopes of a cakewalk. The TDP was shell-shocked at the reversal.

The TDP did everything possible to grab the ZP chief seat. It poached its rivals and even implicated a YSRCP ZPTC member in a false case. Despite all this, the TDP machinations fell flat. In return, the YSRCP was rewarded with the deputy chairperson's post.

- Sakshipost

 In Telugu   తెలుగు తమ్ముళ్లకు హరి ఝులక్!

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