Hardik Patel Demands Rs 2 Crores To Make Sleazy CD For BJP

Hardik Patel - Sakshi Post

Ahmedabad: Lashing out on intrusion into his personal life and also on creating fake CDs, Patidar agitation leader Hardik Patel said he too can prepare a sleazy CD on the BJP for Rs 2 crores.

In an interview to Zee News, he said, "It is not of anyone's concern if it is me in the CD. Why should I answer questions about my personal life? The CD is completely false, you give me Rs 2 crore and I can put (Vijay) Rupani's face in the video". Stating that the video created by the BJP are diversion tactics to avoid public debate on real issues, Hardik Patel said the ruling party would do better to focus on welfare programmes for the people.

The purported sex clip of Hardik went viral on social media following which the Patidar quota stir leader claimed the CD was morphed and circulated at the behest of the BJP. The video appears to have been shot in a hotel on May 16, 2017. The authenticity of the CD cannot be independently verified.

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