Harassed Female Jobseeker Nails Pervert in Facebook Post

Namya Baid is a food blogger from Chennai - Sakshi Post

Whatsapp, like many other common applications of technology, is a useful tool to connect people across the world. It has brought families, friends, classmates and cooworkers, among others, together in ways we could not imagine a few years ago. As in the case of all facets of technology, it has its flip side, though. As much as Whatsapp's video calling feature is a boon to most of us, there's some nut out there even as we discuss this problem, who is planning something freakish and perverted. They may be few in number, but such people not only make women apprehensive, but force them to look over their shoulder all the time.

The latest Chennai incident has sent shock waves among women yet again.

Namya Baid, a blogger from Chennai, had been hunting for a job. As it turned out, she got a call from Air France, or so she thought, regarding a job opportunity. After asking some basic questions, the caller moved to Whatsapp Video claiming it was the second round of the interview. He asked the girl to be alone in the room so that no one could not be prompted with responses.

On the call, he asked the colour of her shirt and pants and then told her to show her height and weight. Later, he asked the jobseeker to show her tattoos, if she had any. Finally, he asked her to strip.

Namya, who already suspected something fishy, recorded the call and also managed to cut the call. She then shared a couple of screen shots and narrated the whole incident on social media.

Namya asks women to be cautious attending any calls from unknown callers.

Have a look at her Facebook post...

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