Happy ending to Eli Nani's daughter's love story

Happy ending to Eli Nani's daughter's love story - Sakshi Post

Here's a bit of news to all those wanting to know about the Ramya-Sandeep marriage drama.

It is a known fact that Ramya, the daughter of Tadepalligudem MLA Eli Nani had filed a complaint with the Guntur Legal Services Authority alleging that her father was playing the kidnap drama to get her married again. She cried before the Judge seeking protection for herself and her husband Sandeep. She told before the mdia that her father had put her under house arrest and stopped her from meeting her husband.

Thereafter, her father MLA Eli Nani came out in the open to refute his daughter's allegations and said he had given her all the freedom and never interfered in her personal life. He also said that he acted just like any responsible father would as he wants the best for his daughter. The MLA had finally put the ball in Ramya's court saying she was free to act as per her wish as she was a grown up girl now. 

The controversy took a happy turn on Wednesday with Ramya and Sandeep reuniting in front of the lawyers and the media. The couple exchanged garlands renewing their marriage vows.

Speaking to the media, Ramya Said: "I was very sad to hurt my loving father, but i did not have any other alternative as i was stopped from meeting my husband."

let's hope they will live happily hereafter.

- Siva@sakshipost

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