Gujarati Traders Stop Supply Of Essential Vegetables To Pakistan

Gujarat traders stop tomatoes and chilli to Pakistan - Sakshi Post

Ahmedabad: Vegetable vendors from Gujarat are the latest group to join the chorus of protests against Pakistan’s state sponsored terrorism that reached a crescendo with the Uri attacks last month. The traders have decided to stop sending vegetables to Pakistan.

With tensions between the India and Pakistan rising, people from various walks of life such as artists, businessmen, sportsmen etc had begun to express reservations on working with Pakistani counterparts or continuing business relations with them.

Expressing solidarity with this protest, a group of traders who supply fresh vegetables to Pakistan on a daily basis have decided to stop the arrangement. According to the Ahmedabad General Commission Agent Association general secretary , Ahmed Patel, this is the first time since 1997 that this extreme step is being taken.

Around 50 trucks deliver about 10 tonnes of vegetables, mostly tomatoes and chilli across the Wagah border into Pakistan every day. The value of the trade is estimated to be around Rs.3 crore per day. In spite of the business loss this will cause them, the traders are going ahead with the ban until relations between the two countries are normalized.

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