Gujarat Will Spring A Surprise: Rahul Gandhi  

Congress President-elect Rahul Gandhi - Sakshi Post

Stressing that there will be a surprise for all in the Gujarat elections, Congress President-elect Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday emphasised on the need to work together to transform the party and the role of women would be a fundamental part of this.

In his first address after being elected the party chief, he said his party will put pressure on the government to pass women reservation bill in the Parliament.

"We have to work on transforming the Congress party, and a fundamental part of it is going to be the role of women in the Congress party at every single level," said Gandhi during a workshop organized by the party women wing, All India Mahila Congress at the Constitution Club.

"Unfortunately we do not have a woman President anymore, so we will have to compensate. We will work on having women CMs in states. We will work on that together," he added.

He also praised former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's contribution towards the development of Delhi, saying: "Sheila ji is sitting here. I would like to say... she did tremendous job in Delhi as Chief Minister for many years. She suffered a very nasty and untruthful campaign against her but she is one of the leaders that the Congress Party respects.

"And of course, we have to mention Congress President Sonia Gandhiji who has pushed your agenda sometimes silently... mostly openly and she has helped pushed number of women forward."

Citing a central difference between the people between the BJP and the Congress, he said: "If you see Mahatma Gandhji's photo, he always surrounded by 3-4 women. In RSS, women are not allowed entry.. that is their ideology."

About the Gujarat elections, Gandhi said: "Maybe you are going to get a surprise in Gujarat..who won, how did it happen..and won by what margin..

"In 3-4 months, the merger, talks and discussion of Congress unit with people of Gujarat was very powerful. Would expect the party will work in the same manner in other states systematically.

"I want to congratulate Congress unit of Gujarat, the secretaries and General Secretary for fighting the elections unitedly," he added.

On the issue of women's reservation, Rahul said: "We will give a clear message to the government and put pressure on the them to bring in women 50 per cent reservation. Congress party will not give them any choice. This is our role as opposition and we will definitely get it passed.

"There whould be a roadmap. In every level, systematically, actively we will have to prpare the women, make them contest elections, and in every level women will have representation," he said.


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