New Smart Ways To Drape Saree This Festive Season 

New Smart Ways To Drape Saree This Festive Season - Sakshi Post

Invented almost 5000 years ago, Saree is one of the oldest garment of Indian Wardrobe worn by women. One of the most preferred attires by women in India, there are more than 50 ways of draping a saree.

From new styles to colors, Bollywood is influencing the trend towards saree and making it more popular than ever.

Coming to the festive season right ahead, we always look for that ethnic attire inspiration. The festive season is basically the time when all want to dress in gorgeous traditional attire and have a gala time.

Celebrities are just proving that sarees are comfy and don't require time to wear.  Here we have brought to you a few different and smart ways of draping a saree in new styles which will give you both a traditional and formal look.

45-year-old Bollywood diva, Kajol, recently donned a saree with a very sexy twist. The cream and golden saree had gorgeous shimmery details. Her saree had a twin pallu which started on the pleats.

Take a look at the picture:

One of the best ways to style the sari drape is to wear it with a belt which helps to keep the pallu in place throughout the day

Take a look at the picture:


Get your saree stitched or invest some pre-stitched versions if you find it tough to make pleats.

Take a look at the picture:

You can also make your saree look formal by wearing any contrast color blazer over a sari.

Take a look at the picture:

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