Pawan Kalyan Resorting To Double Talk Like Chandrababu

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Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

What has Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan achieved after his trip to capital region of Amaravati? It seems like Pawan Kalyan is getting accustomed to the habit of double talk just like the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu. It seems he is more confused than Chandrababu Naidu is, as he could neither support the TDP, nor oppose it. He has also failed to express his ideas on some important issues.

If you look at Pawan Kalyan's statements, he once says that the government was changing the capital sending fear among the people. Then in another contradictory statement he says that the AP Government might not change the capital.

So what was the use of his tour? The government has allocated the tenant farmers Rs 187 crore as lease. The other issue is that in an affidavit to the National Green Tribunal, it is clear that 13,500 acres of land in the capital region was prone to inundation. This was also stated by their MP Galla Jaydev in the Parliament. So now, how can the TDP claim the opposite and why isn't Pawan Kalyan coming forward to question them about this double stance.

Doesn't he know about the fact that flood waters had entered Chandrababu's house during the floods. Pawan Kalyan could not even speak a single word even though the house belonged to his close friend Lingamaneni Ramesh.In fact people's opinion about Pawan Kalyan has lowered after his non-committal stance about these issues.

If you examine the paper clipping doing the rounds in social media, you will understand clearly about his vague meanderings:

-He has not explained why he said that Kurnool should be developed as the capital

-He has not explained how and why he was not against decentralization till date

-He has not given clarity whether crores of rupees should be spent on the development in the capital region or not

-He earlier questioned emphatically that should the Capital be developed for only particular community. Now he quotes figures saying that 14 different communities were given lands in the region.

Just like Chandrababu Naidu , has Pawan Kalyan also got into the habit of changing his statements ?

- Why hasn't he spoken about the big wigs who purchased land in the capital... At the same time when Chandrababu in his capacity as the Chief Minister spoke about capital development near Vijayawada. Many innocent people invested heavily near the Nuzivedu region and lost money, and yet Pawan Kalyan has not come forward to speak about this.

It seemed that he toured the region more out of worry, when he got to know that many people would end up in losses after they invested heavily in lands due to insider trading. In fact, it seemed obvious that he was indirectly supporting Chandrababu Naidu by not touching on the fact there should be an investigation conducted over these irregularities.

The people of Andhra Pradesh have given befitting reply in the elections and yet Pawan Kalyan is yet to mend his ways. He claimed to have gone into hiding for hundred days and even before ninety days were over, he came out of hiding to come forth and criticise YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's government. But if one recollects he made the same statement that he would fight against corruption when Chandrababu was in power, but that never happened.

If he continues to act in an ambiguous manner, it would only be detrimental to his political future. All that we can say or rather is advisable, that Pawan Kalyan refrains from making these faux pas repeatedly and further harm his already tarnished reputation.

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