TDP’s Antics Are Self-Defeating

TDP’s Antics Are Self-Defeating - Sakshi Post

Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

The Telugu Desam Party tends to find itself in a state of panic or undue haste. While water inflows into rivers have made farmers and the common citizens happy, the TDP has been creating needless controversies. The principal opposition party has been indulging in baseless criticism. While the opposition is expected to criticise the ruling party for genuine shortcomings on the part of the government, to try to create disharmony and spread rumours deliberately is diabolical.

In particular, the behaviour and statements of former minister, Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao, are condemnable. Even worse is the blind support lent to him by the TDP supremo who calls himself a 40 year industry in public life. Uma says that a flood situation was created to ensure that Chandrababu's house gets submerged.He further says that the government is denying water to Rayalaseema and letting it into the sea! Does he know what he is saying? He is indulging in false propaganda and is fully aware of it.

It is true that heavy inflows on account of rains in Karnataka and Maharashtra caused a certain amount of flooding. Government officials need to regulate it in a certain manner. Else, we would see a situation like the submersion of Srisailam dam during Chandrababu's stint.It would be similar to the manner in which Kurnool got submerged by backwaters in the past.

Instead, this time around water inflows were regulated and stored in reservoirs by the AP government officials.Later, when water went past safe levels, it was released. This is the reason why houses by Prakasam barrage did not get submerged. Had water really been contained, many areas in the city, including Chandrababu's house, constructed illegally and other buildings, would have got submerged. However, this did not happen. Many of these buildings only saw partial inundation.

The TDP however, started playing politics over floods. Former minister and Chandrababu's son, Nara Lokesh tweeted using the most bizarre logic that flood water was diverted towards Chandrababu's house by using country boats! This tweet made him the laughing stock of netizens. Devineni was not far behind Nara Lokesh.

The other aspect relates to the charge of Krishna water not being released to Rayalaseema. Devineni Uma probably thinks that people don't know that 44,000 cu secs of water from Pothireddypadu project were released to various parts. The YSRCP government, unlike the TDP regime, did not spend crores of rupees on a publicity drive. It needs to be pointed out that it was Devineni Uma who staged a protest near Prakasam barrage when Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy planned to enhance the capacity of Pothireddypadu. Uma then claimed that water resources were being looted for Rayalaseema.

Didn't Chandrababu as the TDP chief lend support to Uma? On the other hand being a representative from Rayalaseema, didn't he encourage such loose talk? Now Uma makes baseless allegations against YSRCP government and other TDP leaders join the chorus.

Ministers and YSRCP leaders have pointed out how relief operations went on smoothly without any inconvenience to the common citizens. Some time ago, the TDP kicked up a needless firestorm alleging non-availability of seeds to farmers. Would the TDP have remained silent had there really been protests and if relief operations had been unsatisfactory. The TDP made baseless allegations about drone cameras shooting visuals of Chandrababu's house and threatened to file a complaint in the matter. However, when media outlets friendly to the TDP do the same thing, the party hails it and encourages their actions!

Another childish allegation of the TDP relates to Andhra Pradesh chief minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's US visit. It is unfortunate that without bothering to know whether YS Jagan has gone to the US on his personal work or not, Chandrababu and his party men unleashed a barrage of petty criticism. It is only people who see the monetary side of things alone in everything including family relationships, who can speak like Chandrababu and his party men. When he was the chief minister, Chandrababu would claim that he was conducting reviews from abroad. When YS Jagan is in truth, reviewing the situation in Andhra Pradesh from the US, Chandrababu acts as if this is not possible. In acting the way they are, Chandrababu and his cohorts are only lowering their own dignity and that of their party.

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