YS Jagan Ushers Innovation In Governance With Visionary Leadership

New Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is ushering in new sensations in Andhra Pradesh - Sakshi Post

New Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is ushering in new sensations in Andhra Pradesh. He is setting a trend with his decisions regarding various aspects of governance. While the composition of the Cabinet has set off a widespread discussion, the allocation of portfolios is also carried out with a strategy. In the footsteps of his father, YS Jagan appointed first-time minister and a woman legislator as home minister. Former chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy made Sabita Indira Reddy as the first woman home minister in united Andhra Pradesh. It is certainly worth appreciating not just to have five deputy chief ministers but also to make a tribal woman legislator his deputy. Until now, tribals were not accorded any importance in Andhra Pradesh. In such a scenario, YS Jagan’s decision has drawn public attention. Kurupam MLA Pushpa Sreevani from Vizianagarm district has got this opportunity. Perhaps she would have not thought in her life that luck would favour her in such pleasant ways. Furthermore, Pilli Subash Chandra Bose from BC community is made a deputy chief minister despite losing election. It is worth noting that he has been given a key portfolio such as Revenue.

Generally any chief minister wouldn’t like to have a deputy chief minister from his own district. But Muslim MLA Amjed Pasha has been made his deputy. Of the 25 Ministers, 19 of them are fresh faces and first-time Ministers. In fact, Chief Minister YS Jagan himself did not serve as a minister earlier. As a Member of Parliament, then as Opposition leader he built movements and connected with people’s issues through Praja Sankalpa Yatra and now on his way to becoming people’s Chief Minister. That his decisions regarding governance are being lapped up by one and all is a true pointer to his competence. Not that just, in giving away Irrigation portfolio to a BC community leader Anil Kumar Yadav, one can say with certainly that he is following in the footsteps of his father. The names of higher caste leaders for the said post surfaced earlier. However, YS Jagan decided to entrust such responsibility with a BC leader. By offering the Municipal Administration to senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana, YS Jagan appears to have shouldered the responsibility on him of taking party on a victory path in the upcoming municipal elections. Similarly, the choice of senior leader Peddireddy Ramchandra Reddy for Panchayat Raj portfolio is to hold the local body elections smoothly and make the party victorious. Everybody expected that Buggana Rajendranath to become the finance minister. It just happened that way. The reason being during the TDP regime he did impressive job of studying about State finances and leveled reasoned criticism on the then government. He also unearthed several scams as the chairman of the Public Accounts’ Committee. Thus he shed light on Pattiseema scams among others.

By entrusting Mekapati Gowtham Reddy with IT and Industries portfolio, one must say YS Jagan has put a great deal of trust on him. Gowtham Reddy himself is an industrialist. Against this backdrop, he can help companies and IT industries to come forward to set up their shops in every district in Andhra Pradesh, it will definitely bring good reputation to him personally and to the Chief Minister. The allocation of Civil Supplies and Welfare departments, which play an important role in the lives of marginalized sections, to Vishwaroop and Kodali Nani demonstrate that they were given importance. YS Jagan also promised that his government will lay lot of emphasis on education and health. Those Ministries were allocated to Adimulam Suresh and Alla Nani respectively. They have lot to do from their end.

Besides providing guidance to his Ministers, YS Jagan is also making the officers work dynamically. His constantly utterances against corruption and decision to display boards of Navaratnalu which were promised during campaign in the Secretariat are worth appreciating. Within 10 days after coming into administration the favourable reputation that YS Jagan earned should be carried forward by his Ministers. In any case if one of them stokes controversy, they will be causing a great deal of worry.

The TDP has nothing but to be amazed by the decisions being taken by YS Jagan. The TDP which has further criticsed YS Jagan of not having administrative experience are now at a loss as how to criticise his government.

His comments made during the employees’ meeting in Secretariat have reposed a lot of faith in his government. Besides saying that he has nothing against employees who were closer to Chandrababu Naidu, he, in fact, surprised everyone saying that there’s nothing wrong being proximate to the then chief minister. No wonder employees responded with thunderous applause with jubilation.

Thus YS Jagan has already succeeded by offering deserving portfolios to Ministers and by instilling confidence in senior officials and government employees.

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