Haripriya Naresh

Do you feel like you’re going crazy sometimes?

Like there is an endless whirlwind in your brain that is slowly taking over everything?

Like there is a monkey sitting in your head and it just won’t shut up?

Does the constant chatter of your mind bother you?

Do you want it to stop?

Our mind is very much like a computer. When there are too many programmes (thoughts) working, too many files open at the same time, it will cause an overload and that can effect it’s efficiency and it may even shut down. We may freeze up and be unable to remember something suddenly, feel mentally strained, have issues with problem solving our day-to-day things easily and sometimes even have anxiety and panic attacks.

With the world we live in today, the lifestyles we adopt and the lack of a work-life balance, we are constantly on overdrive. Eventually we will burn out. In fact, millennials are now called the burn out generation!

The clutter in our mind exists because of all the overthinking that we do about everything and anything!Our monkey mind loves to make up stories and create it’s own narrative for our life. Our thoughts are mainly about the past or the future; both these time periods do not exist in the present. So all thoughts about it are simply conclusions, assumptions, computations, judgments or projections. They are not necessarily real or true (stories). We therefore get stuck in a sticky web of doubt, worry, fear or guilt. And you end up with the burn out syndrome.

What is your first thought when something goes wrong?

Does it sound anything like, “I don’t know what to do” (doubt), “This will mess up everything” (conclusion), “What if there is no solution for this” (fear), “I am always getting into situations like this” (worry) etc. But do these thoughts make you feel better? Do they generate the resolutions you require? Does it change the situation you are in?


Can you see how it’s not the situation that creates tension or stress? It is the choice of your thoughts.

What if no matter what happens, you develop the habit of your first thought or response to be, “Wow, that’s interesting!”

When your monkey mind kicks in, weaving up a story, “this shouldn’t be happening to you”, your response should be “so?” or “so, what?” One method to counter these thoughts is to prove them wrong. The more irrational the thought, the more important it is to prove that they are not true, because sometimes, your mind believes them. And when that happens, a downward spiral can begin.

Replacing thoughts can make you feellight and excited. The mind then makes space for thoughts aboutpossibilities, which will bring up new ideas, ways to change or create that you did not consider before.These habits keep the mind from getting cluttered and overthinking and help steer clear from harmful thought spirals.

Nature has already given us the mechanism to release stress as and when it occurs. However we are not yet using it efficiently. That mechanism is your breath. Whenever you feel tensed or stressed, take a few deep breaths and blow out through your mouth or nose releasing all the heaviness of the tensions and the negative thoughts in your mind. As you breath in, replace negative thoughts with the above positive thoughts. As you keep practicing this you will build new habits of the mind that help you.

For those who are more inclined towards physical fixes, another good way to silence a chatty mind is to focus on hands-on activities like Origami or Embroidery or play an out door sport which physically uses up the extra energy and changes your state of mind. There are a host of other activities that can engage your mind and body.

Your mind is not your enemy.

If you would like to understand the unconscious dynamics of your mind that affect your day, discover how to use your subconscious mind to get the results you want, remove mental blocks and fears, pick up practical techniques to mental healing and partner with your mind so that your journey of life is more joyful when gaining promotions at work or business; generating wealth; creating harmonious relationships and friendships; strengthening the bonds of marriage; conquering phobias and fears; enjoy restful sleep and even heal yourself feel free to contact the author who is a Mind-Body Wellness Coach and an Integrated Therapist. She is also the founder of Sanctuary of life and can be reached on haripriya@sanctuaryoflife.co

Mobile: 9908755591

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